Popcorn Junkie
Movie reviews and discussion from a hardcore movie fan.
5 days ago

Popcorn Junkie is Going on Hiatus

A major announcement from Jon on the current state of the podcast.

11 days ago

Popcorn Junkie 171: Holiday! Celebrate!

Since we just had America Splodey Day, Jon takes a look at the box offices during different holidays.

18 days ago

Popcorn Junkie 170: The Truth Shall Set You Free

With one release being tangentially a biopic and the other about being honest, Jon talks about why he cares so much about truth in based on true stories.

25 days ago

Popcorn Junkie 169: Where Have All the New Ideas Gone?

Considering two of the new releases are a sequel and a remake, Jon breaks down the issue of why studios and audiences keep relying on the same IPs.

a month ago

Popcorn Junkie 168: Popcorn Junkie's Badasssss Episode

With the latest entry in the Shaft franchise in theaters, Jon looks at the history of the blaxploitation genre and its impact.

a month ago

Popcorn Junkie 167: Feeling the Burnout

On a very special episode of Popcorn Junkie, Jon gets real about his issues with burnout in making the podcast.

a month ago

Popcorn Junkie 166: Oh My Godzilla

In another late episode, Jon reviews the new Godzilla movie and breaks down the franchise up to this point.

2 months ago

Popcorn Junkie 165: SUPER MEGA AWESOME MOVIE REVIEW MADNESS 17: Pirates Ahoy!

After missing a week due to burnout, Jon catches up with another SUPER MEGA AWESOME MOVIE REVIEW MADNESS!

2 months ago

Popcorn Junkie 164: Gotta Catch 'em All!

With Detective Pikachu in theaters, Jon discusses the varying qualities of the Pokémon movies.

2 months ago

Popcorn Junkie 163: Creators vs Critics

Considering Joe Carnahan's recent Twitter activity and Jon's own history with it, we're talking about how creators interact with critics.